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Paint Questions

How do I know how much paint to buy?

You can estimate how much paint you need for your project by using the Dunn Edwards Paints paint calculator or the Pittsburgh Paints paint calculator. These calculators include details of the shape of the room, dimensions of paint area, and even the areas you need to paint around such as windows and doors.

Which gloss is best for my project?

There are actually many things to take into consideration when choosing the right gloss. To understand gloss, why it is important, and which is better for your project, check out Dunn Edwards How to Select a Gloss page. It gives details information, as well as recommendations for which gloss to use for which room or exterior body and accessories. 

Step by Step Guide to painting

From choosing the right paint, to clean up and taking care of your newly painted surface, Dunn Edwards gives a click through guide to walk you through, including a downloadable PDF guide.

How do I handle problems with my paint such as cracking, fading, mildew, peeling, etc.?

There are a number of problems that can arise during paint projects. To understand the problem you are having, the causes, and how to solve those problems, we recommend the Dunn Edwards Paint Problems Solver.  They provide help for 28 problems you may experience.

Additional answers to questions about primer, latex paint, etc. please see Pittsburgh Paints helpful answers on their painting tips page

VIDEO LIBRARY – Dunn Edwards has an extensive video library on their website, and YouTube channel. How to choose the perfect white? How to paint kitchen cabinets? How to paint a wood gate? How to paint wood furniture? How to properly dispose of paint? How to get the most out of your sandpaper? Over 60 helpful tips and hacks!

Stain Questions

Why should I stain? When should I stain? How do I stain? How do I maintain my stain?

Cabot Stain provides a list of what you need, techniques, tips, how to select the right color, cost, and much more at their Stain Center.

How to choose an opacity, the right cleaning product, to prep your space, and apply stain?

Duckback provides very detailed explanations and answers. Videos and a project checklist can be found at Duckback’s How To.


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